Legal obligation is to have 1.2 people to lift a patient. Statistics show that healthcare workers manually handling patients sustain 4.5x more overexertion injuries and file 40% of all workers compensation claims, with staff 16x more likely to be injured when treating a bariatric patient.

With rising levels of obesity, carers have to deal with larger patients which put existing patient lifters under strain which need to be pushed by two or more people. These machines usually have low weigh capacities and are not flexible. The 10-minute job often turns into a 30-minute one as the patient requires several types of further movements in one action. The health-care industry is aware of the issues and is seeking solutions.

Market potential:

The current market for patient lifters in Australia is estimated to be 12,000 machines annually. The product is scalable and exportable. Sales will be managed by our company while developing contacts with distributors with greater access to local and overseas markets.